Plant based / Vegetarian Breakfast Menu

At Sunnyside Guest House, we are committed to providing you with a breakfast experience that not only delights your taste buds but also ethically sourced and contributes to a low carbon footprint. To ensure the freshest ingredients and minimal food waste, we kindly request that you pre-order your breakfast by 9 pm the night before. Explore our revamped veggie, plant-based, low carbon breakfast menu and awaken your senses to a truly delightful and environmentally friendly start to your day.

Our menu is marked ‘V’ for vegetarian, ‘Vg’ for vegan

Vegetarian / Plant Based English Breakfast (‘V’ / ‘Vg’)

Richmond Plant Based Sausage, Hash Brown, Baked Beans, Fresh Tomato, Mushroom,

Locally Farmed Free-Range Egg (Choice of Fried, Scrambled or Poached)(‘V’) or Scrambled Tofu.(‘V’ / ‘Vg’)

Warburton’s Vegan Approved Fried Bread cooked in sunflower oil Also Available Upon Request.

Plant-Based Sausage Sandwich (‘V’ / ‘Vg’)

Richmond Sausage Served on a Choice Vegan Toast with the option of plant based butter and vegan cheese.

Locally Farmed Free-Range Eggs and Toast (‘V’)

A Choice of Scrambled, Poached or Fried Locally Farmed Free-Range Eggs Served With White/ Multi Seed Toast.

Scrambled Tofu on Toast (‘V’ / ‘Vg’)

Scrambled Tofu mixed with herbs and spices to give it that authentic taste. Served on a Choice of Vegan Toast with the option of plant based butter.

Beans on Toast (‘V’ / ‘Vg’)

Beans served on a choice of vegan Toast with the option of plant based butter and cheese.

Scottish Organic Porridge (‘V’ / ‘Vg’)

A Bowl of Piping Hot Creamy Scottish Organic Porridge offered with a choice of cows or oat milk.

Plant-Based Breakfast Burger (‘V’ / ‘Vg’)

Warburton Vegan approved English muffin, large flat mushroom and home-made hash brown. Plant based butter and cheese available upon request.

Home-made Plant-Based Pancakes (‘V’ / ‘Vg’)

Home-made pancakes made using self-raising flour, baking powder, vanilla extract and plant-based milk. Also availible with Maple Syrup.

Plant Based Omlette (‘V’ / ‘Vg’)

Available with a choice of tomato, mushroom, hash brown and plant based cheese.

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