Local Food Suppliers

At The Sunnyside we are committed to providing you with healthy, quality food that reference the wealth of local ingredients we have here in the North-West. Our only condition is the quality of the food must not be compromised.

Where possible we try to buy direct from the farmer, so they get a fairer deal and we know the source of the food. The local businesses that help make our breakfast special and tasty include:

Local Butchers Sausages

Our local butcher is located just a 20-minute walk from the Sunnyside. Kens’s handmade sausages are made with locally farmed pork to their special recipe.

A small independent business for over twenty years, they offer a whole host of homemade and local produce.

Bacon- Aigburth Bacon Co

Aigburth Bacon are a family run business established for over 20 years. They supply us with quality unsmoked back bacon that melts in the mouth and tastes delicious.

Langs Farm Gate Eggs

We receive fresh eggs from nearby farms through Langs Farm Gate Eggs, located in Ormskirk. These eggs are transported directly from the farm to us in a refrigerated van to maintain their freshness.

Flavourfresh Fruit

Flavourfresh is an ethical, premium boutique grower that we’re lucky to have on our doorstep.

We buy their amazing Sweet Victoria Blackberry’s, Lusa Strawberry’s, Duke Blueberry’s and Raspberry’s from their on site shop, The Garage. The funds raised from The Garage are put back into the community through sponsorship projects and are used to help pay for social events for their hard working team.

Their fruit is of an exceptional quality. While its only available in our fruit salad in season we have used the fruit to make jam so you can taste the local favours all year round. We will also be dehydrating the fruit to include in our home-made granola which is coming soon.

Flavourfresh Tomatoes

Flavourfresh can be found just over 5 miles away from the Sunnyside and is one of the leading British commercial glasshouse growers.

They are well positioned within a ‘micro climate’ providing high levels of light, mild temperatures and flat open land which is why they hold a globally-recognised reputation for the most flavoursome tomatoes.

We provide a number of different varieties of their tomatoes roma and vined. Due to the technology used in their greenhouses they are able to produce tomatoes all year round.

Their produce can be found in Marks & Spencer and Waitrose. Their tomato production manager Andy Roe featured in a M&S TV campaign celebrating their 20-year partnership with M&S that aired in July 2021.

Bury Black Pudding

The Bury Black pudding company is based approximately 40 miles away from the Sunnyside offering the very highest quality, award winning Black Puddings.

They are the UKs leading black pudding specialist. Their produce dosn’t contain any artificial ingredients, preservatives, processed meat, suet or minced fats. Everything used has been specially selected as the finest possible ingredients which is why they have such a good reputation and continue to win awards.

Manx Kippers

If you want kippers for breakfast please let us know in advance as we buy it fresh from the fish mongers.

Please note our Manx Kippers contain alot of bones.

Bates Farms & Dairy

Bates Dairy, based in Southport is a family run business that has been established for over 80 years. Their dairy is located in Stamford Road, Birkdale, the same place it was founded back in 1939 and remains of the last family run dairies in the region. Over the years Bates have gained a reputation for quality produce.

Farms that supply Bates with raw milk include Oaks Farm, Brooklet Farm, Storeton House Farm all based on the Wirral.

Nelstrops Flour

Sunnyside Honey – Coming soon

In September we started our journey to becoming beekeepers with the help of Southport and District Beekeepers Association. With a lot of work and some help from the Association we hope to be bringing you some of our own honey for you to enjoy with your breakfast during 2023. This however may not be possible until 2024 as honey will only be taken from the hive if it produces enough reserves.

Home-made Hash Browns – Using Taylors Farm Potatoes- Coming Soon

On a recent trip out to our local farms we came across Taylors potatoe farm. We met the farmer and collected samples of different variety’s of potatoes.

We have been adjusting the recipe to try and perfect and we are waiting on some new equipment to process the potatoes before adding our very own home-made hash browns to the menu.

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