Sunnyside Pioneers Southport’s Plastic Free Community

Here at Sunnyside Guest House, we’re striving to play our part in creating a plastic-free community here in Southport. Our commitment to reducing single-use plastic consumption has led us to collaborate with the esteemed environmental charity, Surfers Against Sewage, in the fight against plastic pollution. We recognize the significant impact of items like plastic drinks bottles, disposable coffee cups and excessive food packaging have on our environment, and we’re committed to making positive changes.

In partnership with Surfers Against Sewage, we’re extending our efforts beyond our own premises to offer support to individuals, businesses and schools in Southport as they work towards becoming plastic-free. We invite them to join us on this journey towards sustainability.

As an individual you can start by swapping from single use plastic to refill and reuse and by doing so you can reduce pollution and save money. Download your plan and get started today! Sign up to get your individual action plan

Individuals – Plastic Free Communities

Our Plastic Free Business Toolkit offers independently owned Southport businesses the resources and guidance needed to shift towards plastic-free operations. Upon becoming a plastic-free champion, businesses will receive a wooden plaque and certificate to proudly showcase at their premises, highlighting their commitment to sustainability.

Businesses – Plastic Free Communities

Additionally, we’re encouraging schools and nurseries to participate and benefit from an innovative pupil-led education program designed to inspire transformative change.

Pupil Power – Plastic Free Schools – Surfers Against Sewage

Through these collaborative initiatives, we hope to empower the wider community to take meaningful action against plastic pollution. We invite you to join us at Sunnyside Guest House as we work towards a cleaner, healthier future for Southport. Together, we can make a difference by becoming Plastic Free Champions today.

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