Sunnyside Kicking off Global Goals Week Sharing Their Sustainability Story

Liverpool 2030- From sustainable to regenerative tourism

In the heart of Liverpool, on a vibrant Monday, September 18th, Global Goals Week 2030 unfolded, courtesy of the collaborative efforts of the 2030 Hub and Marketing Liverpool. This momentous event brought together a distinguished gathering of individuals and organizations at the forefront of sustainable practices in the hospitality industry.

Among the notable attendees were luminaries such as Scott Maclean, the Managing Director of Green Tourism; Rachel McCaffery, a leading figure in sustainability at Visit England; Rishi Jain, representing Liverpool Football Club; Kerrin Macphie, advocating for The Meeting Industry Association; and Janie Neumann, a prominent voice championing the Global Destinations Sustainability Movement.

The event found its fitting stage at The Spine, a beacon of health and sustainability nestled in Liverpool City Centre. Holding the distinction of being the healthiest building in the North West and a shining example of WELL building standards in the UK, it provided the perfect backdrop for these discussions.

Amidst the engaging discussions and presentations, The Sunnyside stepped into the spotlight to share our unwavering commitment to sustainability. We proudly showcased our Green Tourism Gold Award, an esteemed recognition we had earned earlier in the year as part of the local best practice panel. This accolade served as a significant milestone in our sustainability journey, one that gained momentum during the trying times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In our role within the Liverpool City Region Visitor Economy Taskforce, we played a part in organizing this remarkable event. Witnessing such enthusiastic participation filled us with hope for the future of sustainability in Liverpool, underscoring the city’s commitment to a greener and more sustainable future.

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