Sunnyside Guest House’s Commitment to Southport’s Creative Community

At Sunnyside Guest House, we hold a deep belief in the importance of supporting our local community, particularly independent businesses and artists. We recognize that by championing local artists, we contribute to the financial and cultural richness of our area, making it more valuable for everyone involved. Take, for example, Ruth’s exquisite artwork, which meticulously captures the essence of our beautiful seaside resort. Each piece demands at least two days of dedicated work, reflecting her commitment to showcasing the very best of our surroundings.

Within Ruth’s work, you’ll find familiar scenes like Lord Street, Silcock’s Funland, The Grand, and many more beloved landmarks. Through her art, she encapsulates the emotions, figures, and events that define our community, offering a meaningful portrayal of our way of life. Art, in its essence, serves as a reflection of a place and its people, embodying our values, traditions, and unique characteristics. We are honored to display Ruth’s artwork at the Sunnyside, offering our guests a glimpse into the beauty of our locality.

For those who appreciate Ruth’s talent and wish to bring a piece of it home, copies of her work can be acquired by reaching out to her directly through her social media channels. Supporting local artists like Ruth not only enriches our own lives but also fosters a sense of connection and appreciation for the Southport community.

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