Sunnyside Guest House Plants 500 Trees

This year, at Sunnyside, we embarked on a tree planting project. For every guest that booked directly with us, we committed to planting a tree. At the end of the year we added to the number of trees planted taking the total to 500.

The trees were planted in projects like Choma Forest, Malawi. This area is known for deforestation with the intent to processing them for charcoal production. Such deforestation practices can lead to soil erosion and land degradation.

Partnering with Ripple Africa, the aim of this initiative was to make a lasting impact. Ripple Africa identified farmers and community groups capable of nurturing the trees. They provided essential equipment and training, encouraging a sustainable approach to tree care. Collaborating closely with local communities and government departments, Ripple Africa also educated them on the invaluable benefits of conservation.

It’s important to note that we’re not utilizing these trees to offset our business’s carbon footprint. We understand that trees require approximately a decade to mature fully. Our focus remained on the benefits these trees offer to both the ecosystems and the communities involved.


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