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Welcome to Sunnyside Guest House, where your comfort is our priority. We understand that a good night’s sleep is essential for an enjoyable stay. To cater to your unique sleep preferences, we offer an additional selection, in addition to our standard pillow to ensure you get the rest you deserve. Please let us know your choice, and we’ll be delighted to deliver your preferred pillow to your room ready for your arrival:

  1. Sealy Side Sleeper Pillow: This Pillow combines long-standing craftsmanship with the latest innovations. The deeply supportive foam centre helps to encourage the neck and spine to remain in a straight and neutral position for ultimate comfort and posture support while you sleep. The foam comfort layer is ventilated to encourage air to move around the pillow to keep you fresh and comfortable. DuPont™ fibers surround the foam centre and offer soft and bouncy superior comfort. The pillow is covered in silky smooth cotton which is breathable and naturally cooling. It’s even cushioned for extra comfort. The Side Sleeper pillow is hypoallergenic, odour-resistant and does not go through any harsh chemical treatments.
  2. Zen Bamboo Gel Fiber Filled Pillow are crafted with super plush gel fiber and expertly tailored to ensure maximum comfort in all sleeping positions! The jacquard Bamboo cover provides an extra level of support and elegance. You will feel like you are sleeping on a cloud. With their no-shift construction, the pillows are a great place to rest your head. They are stylish, luxurious, and very comfortable.
  3. Kapok filled pillow: boasting a plush and supportive feel akin to feathers and down, these pillows are generously stuffed with 100% organic and eco-friendly Kapok. Revered as ‘plant-down’ for its silky, airborne texture, Kapok is a cotton-like, fluffy fiber extracted from the seed pods of the Ceiba Pentandra tree. With its hollow structure, Kapok possesses excellent warmth retention and is inherently repellent to dust mites. Choosing a Kapok pillow provides a compassionate and cruelty-free substitute to traditional feather and down options.
  4. Buckwheat Pillow: Our buckwheat pillows are filled with buckwheat hulls that are triple screen cleaned and graded by Brow Farm just down the road in Ormskirk. These pillows are recommended for people who need extra support, who are looking for neck, back and shoulder pain relief or suffer from sleep apnea. They can help with a variety of ailments including insomnia, headache, irritability, stiff neck and sluggishness. Buckwheat Hulls are not treated with herbicides, pesticides or fungicides either when growing, harvesting or storage and make the perfect choice for the Eco-conscious traveler. Please note: buckwheat pillows do contain higher levels of a potential allergen that may trigger asthma in susceptible individuals than new synthetic-filled pillows.

Kindly be aware that our pillow selection is limited, and we may not always have your first choice available. We will do our best to accommodate your preference based on availability. We hope you enjoy your stay at Sunnyside Guest House and have a wonderful night’s sleep with your chosen pillow. Sweet dreams!

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