The Sunnyside GUIDE TO Formby PineWOODS

The Formby Pinewoods ia a popular spot for both holidaymakers and wildlife watchers. Located on Seftons beautiful coastline, the Pinewoods and beachfront not only provide the ideal natural habitat to many endangered species it is also easy on the eye whether it is a warm summers eveing or a crisp winters morning.

Formby Point Southport

Formby Pine WoodsPicture of the Formby Pine Woods

The National Trust site attracts large numbers of red squirrels. This is because the conifers provide which provide ripe pine cones for the squirrels to feed on. The Squirrels are use to human contact and will come closer to you than most wild animals so a camera is definatly recommended for the trip.

Just a short walk from the Pinewoods you will find the beautiful dunes. The dunes form part of the largest areas of dune habitats in the country which are home to many rare and endangered species such as the Natterjack Toad, the Northern Dune Tiger Beetle and one of the UK's rarest reptiles the Sand Lizard.

FFormby Sand Dunes

Picture of the sand dunes in Formby

We do strongly suggest you contact Formby Nature Reserve before you set off on your family day out, just to make sure they are open and to confirm admission prices. We also recommend picking up a map of the various footpaths from the wadens office or from the Sunnyside reception before you set off (if they are available).

For more information please visiti the National Trust website


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